The Clock flashing up onscreen when it reaches 6AM.

The Clock is a mechanic in the game as it keeps track of the time inbetween 12AM and 6AM.

The Clock has a red digital number layout which has AM to the left, and only the hour numbers, no minutes or seconds. It is also known to be on the desk in the Office next to the lamp and the monitor, checking the Clock on the desk is the only way to check what time you are on so you know how far you are from 6AM.

Once the Clock reaches 6AM, you will successfully have completed your current ingame nightshift and be able to move on to the next night.

Being jumpscared by any of the animatronics before the Clock reaches 6AM will end you current night in failure and force you to restart the night from 12AM.


  • The clock mechanic in Five Nights at Candy's is the same as the one in the original Five Nights at Freddy's series
  • In FNaC 2, there was a graphics bug, which caused the clock to display the time in PM instead of AM.
    Emil fixed this bug was in version 1.0.5.