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The Custom Night is an unlockable Night after the player completes Night 6.

Once unlocked, the player can set the difficulty of the animatronics' A.I. to any number, from 0 to 20.

Upon completeing 7/20 mode, Mary Schmidt gets fired for tampering with the animatronics, and the player will receive a Cindy Plush, which will then be in the Office as an unlockable.
Pink Slip

Mary Schmidt getting fired.

Mode Unlocks Also Unlocks Info

7/20 is known as the hardest night in the game. However, managing to complete it will unlock a Cindy Plush for the Office, and also an Extra star on the Menu.


The Custom Night has a mode, which is in glowing red writing, which has the words spelt out '"'7/20", which is the hardest difficulty within the game. Once 7/20 mode is complete, the player will unlock a 2nd and 3rd star, one for completing the custom night, and the other for finishing 7/20.

Once the player has selected and activated 20 Mode on Custom Night, the calender will then switch to "YOU R DEAD" meaning that night could be Mary's Nightmare. She could possibly be dead outside the dream, stuck in a Nightmare with the Animatronics.



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