The gameover screen for Five Nights at Candy's.

Deaths are a game mechanic which is caused by an animatronic getting into your office and jumpscaring you. Deaths are the only way to end the night without progressing forward. Counting both games, there are a total of 20 jumpscares.



  • The Penguin cannot actually kill the player, but rather tamper with the Doors, by randomly opening them and closing them.
  • Candy is the only character to posses only three ways to kill the player.
  • RAT is the only character to posses only two ways to kill the player.


  • If RAT or The Cat cause a game over, the game over screen will say that some type of bear has murdered a 17 year old girl, rather than a 17 year old girl missing from a factory.
  • Like in the first game, the Penguin cannot kill the player, but can disable the cameras for a short period of time. This time, the more the player progresses through the game, the shorter the time-span before the Penguin disables your cameras gets, and the amount of time that the cameras are disabled gets longer too.