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The Doors are used to keep each animatronic out of the Office
Left Door

Left Door

Power gif

There are a set of 3 Doors within the Office. They are located to the left, right and middle.

There will be a sound which will alert the player that an animatronic is close to one of the doors, if the player does not close the door and looks away, looking back will make the animatronic's eyes not visible, causing it to jumpscare the player afterwards, triggering the Death Screen.


A battery feature introduces how much the doors can be used, if the battery goes to full flashing red, then the power will run out faster, so the more power in doors used, and the more doors used, will take up more power.


Middle Door
Power gif

The Storm Shutter Door is where Blank Comes, the area outside this Window is Cam05 which Blank goes there, and he smashes the window into the Office if the Player doesn't close the door.


Power gif

The right door is used to keep the animatronics which come from the right side, such as Cindy, Candy, Rat and The Penguin out of the Office.

Right Door

Right Door



  • The window door seems eerily similar to a storm shutter, used to prevent flying glass in the case of an intense storm.
  • The only animatronic to use the window as an entry point is Blank.
  • On rare occasions, the doors can jam if not closed in time, similar to the original Five Nights at Freddy's franchise.
    • However, by staring at the door while it is jammed can keep one alive until 6 AM, as to prevent the animatronic moving in to jumpscare the player.
  • The Private Room in Sister Location looks strangely similar to the Five Night's at Candy's office, including two doors and one vent door in the middle of the office.

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