Emil had also made a blog discussing about his modelling and Five Nights at Candy's which can be found here


Emil "Ace" Macko, the creator and owner of Candy The Cat and his other Friends.  

Emil is the one who first ever made Candy but people are disproving him for copying BFP (the one who made The Return To Freddy's AKA once FNaF 3 fangame) as they say Emil took BFP's character "Sugar The Cat", but by the amount of detail which went into the game "Five Nights at Candy's" and the video of how Emil made Candy the Cat, it is proven to say, that Emil HAS made the characters.   

Making Candy

Emil first discussed about Candy and posted his very first Image of Candy on November 21st 2014 which on November 22nd 2014, he posted a more Detailed and shaded version of Candy, until he had completed Candy on November 24th 2014, which had then introduced his full body, and hands.

Making Cindy

After Emil had finished creating Candy The Cat, he then later gave Candy a twin-sister, so he made Cindy The Cat.

Other Animatronics

After finishing Cindy, he had more animatronic ideas as he made, so then he created Blank, The Penguin, Old Candy, Chester, and more.

Other Games

On December 25th 2014, a game named "The Return to Freddy's" or more known as "TRTF"  has 'taken' Candy's look which had then renamed him as 'Sugar The Cat', but also kept the Features: 

  • Blushed Cheeks
  • Blue and White fur
  • Red Tie

But Emil had confirmed that he had first made Candy The Cat as Emil had made the first every images for Candy The Cat when Candy was first in development a month earlier before the release of TRTF.

Making Nightmare Candy

Emil decided to make a Nightmare Candy which is based of the Nightmare's from FNAF4, however, even though Nightmare Candy may be in the "THANK YOU TOO!" image, Emil quoted "And no, will NOT be in Five Nights at Candy's" 

He also decided to create Nightmare Candy after he was finished with other important business, it wasn't his idea as his fans of the game or Emil himself suggested to him that he should make a Nightmare Candy model, he only made the head.

Years of making Models

Before Five Nights at Candy's was made, Emil had created other models, and also models based from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

As he had modeled both Toy Chica and Toy Bonnie, and gave them a realistic Look.


  • Scott Cawthon himself posted a reply on Emil's video (FNaC game trailer), saying it is great work.