The FNaC Three protagonist is a little girl named Mary. We are unsure whether Mary is the protagonist for all the fnac games or not. And we are unable to determine what age she is at. She is terrified of the RAT, the CAT, And the puppeteer that is able to control Vinnie the puppet. She has one brother her mother passed away, And is living with her dad.

  • Mary, Do you remember what really happened on that day? Well do you?
  • Mary's therapist Very beginning
  • Mary is a little girl with a green dress, Black overalls, And black hair tied in pigtails.
  • She is said that she is very creative, But can't help but let her nightmares take control over her
  • Imagination. Mary has a little brother has a dad, And her mum passed away. As revealed in the forgotten 
  • Ending. Her best friend is her paper origami Cat. And it seems that Her favorite color is green. She is absolutely 
  • Terrified of the RAT and the CAT. Even though they didn't  do anything and it was the puppeteer that did the
  • Murder. She was said to be about twelve years old. However, No one has confirmed whether this is true or not. 
  • It is year 1962 when the incident occurred at the RAT and CAT theater. The last memory of her mum is origami
  • Cat. Mary has a tape recorder that helps her sleep each night. And for a bonus, makes the night go faster. She
  • Forgotten toys that can all be found in the dream scape. 


    Random spoiler bro thank you by yinyanggio1987-db16xia

    When you complete the game

    Screenshot 04-tz8edxj5 kindlephoto-2061814

    Mary's room

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