Fnac Three has cool Easter eggs that can be found in Mary's room. Such as the Markiplier Chibi Doll on her shelf in her room. A lot of Easter Eggs can also be found in teasers for fnac three as well. Most of the Easter eggs are about YouTubers such as Scribble netty and dawko.

Fnac three Easter eggs.

The most ignored Easter egg is of four of Mary's Wooden blocks That can be found on the floor in Mary's room. Matpat from GTlive said that it spells, "Evil". Which would make sense, But it says emil. The name of the creator of the fnac Franchise. When looked in the Corner of the ceiling, You can see Green and blue Eyeballs that represents Jacksepticie. On the left side of Mary's bed, You can see A hand puppet version of Dawko. This isn't really an Easter egg, But When you first play the game, in Mary's room, On her drawing table, In the trailer you can see Origami cat, But through the nights on the drawing table, You cannot see him. Strange. If you look closely on The floor, You can see a drawing of the YouTuber scribble netty on the floor. On a White floor length shelf, You can see the amintronics from those nights at Rachels. When you flip to the tape player, Next to it, your can see a stuffed bear holding a sign that says: Razzbearski. This an obvious reference to the YouTuber Razzbowski. You can also see another stuffed bear that is a reference to Smike. And in one fnac three teaser, If you brighten it, above in white printing is the year: 1962. 

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