Funtime Cindy is a possible character for the upcoming game Five Night's at Candy's Sister Location (Five Nights at Candy's 4).

Not much is known about her character. Feel free to add more content once Emil "Ace" Macko releases the game.


Back when the character was first presented in 2016, he featured a similar design to the funtime animatronics from Scott Cawthon's FNAF Sister Location. In this version, Funtime Cindy featured a purple body with her face, the insides of her ears, her stomach, her hands, the tip of her tail and the claws on her feet being white. She sported orange eyes, red cheeks with three black speckles each, where her whiskers would be, and a red bowtie. Her teeth were rather square like.

While a newer design of her male counterpart has been presented in the latest teaser for FNAC SL (FNAC 4), no such update is known for her design as of the time being.