Lollipop is a character that appears in FNaC 3. He appears by going up to each one of Mary's old toys in the Deepscape on each of the nights; then you type "whereishe" with no spaces. After all the toy's missions, Lollipop asks you if you remember his name. Typing anything other then Lollipop results in a death. Lollipop then exposes himself in the picture above. Lollipop is one of the ones~Along with the penguin from FNaC two and one, to have an unique jumpscare. He does not appear in any of the nights.


Lollipop is dressed in an sailor outfit, Along with an matching hat. He is the colours of an peppermint, Which is Red and white. He also appears to be able to bend his legs at the joints. He also looks a bit similar to a Lego. He has shoes, although you can't really make out the colour. He has blue eyes, and an huge smile. 


  • Brightening a certain part of the FNaC3 trailer reveals a lollipop like-face. It was unknown what it was at the time.
  • He is the character that Emil uses to introduce you to a new project--called opia--that he is working on.
  • He has an unique jumpscare that can be triggered, by typing anything rather then lollipop, when he asks if you remember what his name is. He can also jumpscare you when doing one of the toys mini games wrong, or typing "esc" while playing an minigame.