Lollipop is a character that appears in FNaC 3. He appears by going up to each one of Mary's old toys in the Deepscape on each of the nights; then you type "whereishe" with no spaces. After all the toy's missions, Lollipop asks you if you remember his name. Typing anything other then Lollipop results in a death. Lollipop then exposes himself in the picture above.


He has red and white stripes on his face; as a lollipop would look. Lollipop; since he was a toy of Mary's; has a lollipop for a face and has very kid-like attire. He has big, creepy eyes and wears a frightening smile.


  • He is the only character--other than Shadow RAT--to not appear in the FNaC 3 trailer.
  • He is the character that Emil uses to introduce you to a new project--called opia--that he is working on.

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