CAM 01, better known as the Main Stage, is the area where Cindy and Candy are first located when the Player starts the Night.

Cindy and Candy seem to not be holding any sort of Entertainable Object unless they have it lowered under the screen, making it invisible, or the Burger which is in the Office, could belong to one of those two characters.

The Show Stage has hanging stars from the ceiling, each having a different colour scheme.

A rare event which also occures at this Cam is that a Shadow Candy Hallucination is visible to be on the Stage looking at the Camera, but when sighted, the Camera will automatically come down, making Shadow Candy visible in the Office Window.

Cam 01 is also connected to Cam12, which is the dining area within Candy's Burger and Fries, close to where The Penguin starts.


• The main stage has a resemblance to the show stage in FNaF 2, except for the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" banner on the wall, but the camera angle is the same.