Mary (The protagonist of five nights at candys three), Has five toys that can appear in different areas of the dreams scape. Her toys are forgotten, And try to have Mary take pity on them for forgetting about them. The first toy is a race car who is found easily on night one in the dream scape. The second toy is a pony With golden hair, And seems to be able to walk on its wheels. The third toy is one of Mary's first toy that she got. It is a rubber duck that is green and black. The fourth toy is a teal robot with blazing yellow eyes and a black belly. The last toy is very hard to get to. In order for it to appear, You have to run around a rock Twelve times. It is a tea pot that has magenta accents and is mostly yellow. If you complete the final night, You will get a black screen with red text saying: Where is he? That is what you all asked. Where is he? You were supposed to find me! Like all the others in that box. I have become forgotten! Me, your favorite best friend in the world! Where is he? Just keep asking. Maybe ask the others? Afterwards, In order to get the lollipop ending, You will have to go back to all toys (you don't have to do them in order) And when they say if you have anything to say, say it now! You have to type in the keyboard: "Where is he"? And then they give you hints in order to unlock the sixth toy: lollipop. No one is sure whether or not if origami Cat is a toy.