Mary Schmidt is the main protagonist in Five Nights at Candy's, the security guard at Candy's Burger and Fries.  She appears to work through all seven nights, (five depending on if the player chooses not to do the other nights.) She receives her paycheck on Night 5 and gets fired on Night 7, the Custom Night.

Mary is the name of the Character the player plays as in Five Nights at Candy's, in which he or she will help her to survive the 6 (excluding Custom Night) nights including the Extra Night 6. The player will have to check both doors and the window cam to make sure no one is there.


Cam03 rarevent

Mary Schmidt starts her job at Candy's Burger and Fries, and has to work there for 7 nights. When she starts her shift, the animatronics start to wander around and try to hunt down and kill Mary. She only has three Doors to protect her from the blood-thirsty robots.

Rare events happen around the joint, but the one which sets more of a Story is in CAM 03 which a rare event occurs, the two posters on the left will change to a red look with dark writing saying "You Fell Asleep" and "This is your Fault" possibly saying that Mary fell asleep on her shift which may also mean the animatronics were never able to move, it all happened within a nightmare.

After Night 7 the Custom Night, Mary gets fired from her job, receiving a pink slip.