Marylin Schmidt is the main protagonist of Five Nights at Candy's 2. She is a 17 year old girl who loses a bet with her friend so she has to spend 5 nights in the abandoned robot factory. She lies to her parents that she is staying over at her friend's house. As Marylin, she needs to survive 5 nights using cellphones and cameras spread throughout candy's.

Game Over

1. If Marylin is caught by Candy The Cat, Cindy The Cat, Chester The Chimpanzee or Blank, a newspaper stating she is missing will appear on the player's screen saying that she never attended school the next day and is declared missing.

2. If Marylin is caught by RAT or The Cat, a different newspaper clipping will appear stating that she was found mauled to death in the factory which resembled a bear attack, but this is highly unlikely as bear attacks haven't been around for years. So, it was concluded saying that Marylin was murdered with a piece of metal in the factory. The Police Chief promises that he will bring whoever has killed Marylin to justice.


Marylin shares the same surname as Mary Schmidt from Five Nights at Candy's and Mike Schmidt from Five Nights at Freddy's indicating they are all somewhat related. People theorize that Mary Schmidt is Mike Schmidt's wife, and that Marylin is their daughter.