Monster CAT (formerly known as Nightmare CAT), is the secondary antagonist of Five nights at Candy's 3. It is a monstrous/nightmarish version of CAT from FNAC 2.


Monster CAT has a monster looking cat head with a creepy smile just like Monster RAT. He also has black eyes with red nightmarish pupils. His rest of the body is unwithered and monster animatronic looking. The last thing is that Monster CAT has a long tail.


Monster CAT will show its face somewhere in the bedroom. If you stare at it while it is showing its face, it will disappear. If you don't stare at it at that time, you will get killed by Monster CAT.


  • Strangely enough he never appears in trailer, despite of his possible importance in the game. Only Monster Rat appears throughout the whole trailer.
    • Because of this fact, when the trailer was released, many people believed that Monster Rat was going to be the only animatronic in the game. It turned out to be false.
      • It is unknown if there is going to be more than just three monster animatronics at this moment.
  • On Reddit, Emil "Ace" Macko had said he changed to names of Nightmare Rat and Nightmare Cat to Monster Rat and Monster Cat for two reasons: One they are not meant to be animatronics and Two they're meant to be living creatures.
    • Starting from 2016-11-25, Nightmare Cat's name has officially been changed to "Monster Cat".