Monster Vinnie is a tall wooden marionette. He has a matching black velvet shirt and pants. He wears a black-and-white striped undershirt and underpants. The shirt has 3 white buttons. His face is white and two blue lines run from his eyes down to his mouth. His cheeks are also blue. His mouth and fingertips are stained with what appears to be blue blood.


Monster Vinnie's behavior is similar to Monster Rat's but more aggressive and twitchy. When you fail to flash the light in his eyes, you will be greeted with a jumpscare. If you see him on the left or right side under the bed, look the opposite way, then look at the side he's on. He will retreat, but will come back later. If you fail to do that correctly, he will jumpscare you on the bed.


Monster Vinnie's jumpscare on the bed

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Monster Vinnie's jumpscare when you fail to flash the light on him.


  • In FNAC 3,when the full game wasn't out yet, many people believed that he was going to be Nightmare Vinnie as similar to Nightmarionne but with a sad smile which is a false.
  • Monster Vinnie is one of the 3 animatronics to have a different appearance from FNAC 1, the other being Candy and Cindy.