Phone Call

*ring* *ring* *beep* Auto Voice: You have, one new message *beep*

Uh, hello? Heh, looks like you're doing a fine job- I mean you're still here, heh, uh, you're already like... practically as good as the last guard we had, e-except, of course, you know, h-he got fired, in the end, but... yeah, he uh-he kind of... damaged one of the animatronics during his shift, uh, i mean you wouldn't do that, would you? No way! Um, guess he got a little crazy, you know, being alone... in the dark, each night, uh you know that character, that the kids can draw on, you know... uh... Blank? I think? Uh, yea, i always really liked that one, its-its a brilliant concept, uh yea, his suit is made out of some special plastic stuff, i think, uh, so kids can come in and... you know, grab a crayon and they, start drawing on his head, on his arms, uh... some of the others here think that he looks a bit scary, um after that whole... security guard thing, uh we-we tried our best, to fix him, but uh, the parts didn't like, his left hand and the back of his head are still missing, um, but the kids don't really seem to mind it, you know, it's not a major issue.

Um..yea, from what we can tell, his head got a real beating so he might act a little, uh... s-strange, uh... like he-he sometimes tried to get into the office through the window and even manage to crack the glass... slightly... once.. uh yea, if he leaves the drawing room, just shut the window door so he doesn't break the glass, those old ones couldn't really see glass very well, um. By the way, we're expecting more customers over course of the next day, so, next week, we may need you on the day shift too, if you're up for it.

Well anyway, have a good night *hangs up* *high Pitch Beep* *beep* *beep* -Phone Guy, Night 3

Night 3 is an upcoming night to FNaC2

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