Phone Call


*ring* *ring* Auto Voice: You have, one, new message *beep*

"Uh Hello? Just checking in, making sure you're A.O.K, uh, so remember that previous secuirty guard i told you about? Yea, so we got a call from the Police the other day, um, apparantly he has gone missing, um, i guess he actually was a bit crazy, uh, i-i remember it like the day, before his last night of the week, uh he asked me to be with him on the shift, that night, um, h-he told me there was something he had to show me, i know it sounds crazy right? Heh, uh although, i declined, he still showed up for his, um,  of course, the next morning, that he uh...the Blank character has been severely damaged, you know, then we checked the surveillance equipment and we found out that he'd brought in a Wench, and comepletly smashed Blank, um, he had also left the building in the middle of his shift after that, i mean, he must have, like you know, he was no where to be found the next morning, we couldn't contact him or anything, so, the manager just fired him, and sent him a Pink Slip, you know.

Uh anyway, i'll leave you to your work, yea, stay tight and we'll talk again tomorrow, have a good night".-Phone Guy, Night 4

Night 4 is an upcoming Night to FNaC2

Unknown Room

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