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Phone Call


*ring* *ring* Auto Voice: You have, one, new message *beep*

"Uh Hello? ...You know that you don't have to be here today right? Well..I guess you're very commited to your Job then, uh, heh, anyway, you've done a great job this now please take a break tommorow ok? 

Uh, see you next week, good night *hangs up* *beep* *beep *beep* -Phone Guy, Night 6

In Night 6, all animatronics from the previous nights will be inactive. In this night, the player is introduced to RAT and CAT.

While RAT combines the mechanics of Cindy and the Penguin, CAT behaves similar to Chester, albeit unlike Chester, CAT will stay temporarily stay in the room, where he was scared by a phone.

For information on the general gameplay mechanics, please visit the Night 1 article's FNaC 2 section.


If the player is jumpscared by RAT or CAT, they will receive a different death screen than the one seen in the earlier nights.


While RAT and CAT are more aggresive than the previous nights' animatronics, they use the same mechanics, so if you know what you are doing, you should be able to handle these two, new animatronics as well.

Just make sure to remember, that RAT behaves like a mixture of Cindy and the Penguin and the CAT behaves like Chester and remember your basics and you should be fine.



Beating Night 6 will reward the player with the "Factory Burned To The Ground"-newspaper ending. It will also add the second star and the ability to access the Extra menu to the main menu.

A gallery featuring the game's animatronics, various dev. sketches, all jumpscares and 7/20 mode will also become available when entering the Extra menu.

When selecting 7/20 mode, the player will be able to access Night 7 by choosing clicking the large "Normal"-button.