Were you looking for Candy or perhaps New Candy?

We replaced the faulty animatronics with some brand new ones, yeah, so he's stored way in the back, until we can get someone to fix him.

- Phone Guy, describing Old Candy.

Old Candy Title
Some attributes
Gender Male
Animatronic Cat
Colours Blue, White
Performer Former Lead Singer (possibly)
CAM Cam10
Starting Location Parts and Service

Old Candy is an antagonist in the game who seems to be an old, broken down version of Candy The Cat. He begins to be active after Night 3.


Old Candy seems to be a large, blue animatronic with a lighter shade for his snout, cat ears, and middle torso. His eyes seem to be in an endoskeleton form, where only a grey outline is shown around his black pupils. Along with all of this, he has plain grey endoskeleton feet, like those of a toy animatronic. A lot of endoskeleton is exposed around Old Candy's arms, legs (mainly feet) and head. Despite being "old", Old Candy does not show any signs of withering or broken suit, other than a few wires in his shoulder. His build and other physical features are very similarly styled to those of a FNAF 1 animatronic.


He will start in CAM 10, making his way to the office on Night 3 and later. The door he comes through will be the left, and once he gets to the left doorway. His pupils don't glow, so the Player will have to check the where he is to make sure he isn't outside the Office, but you can hear a humming noise from outside of the door like RAT.

While Old Candy doesn't physically appear in Five Nights at Candy's 2, he is only seen in the minigames, those minigames being Chester's, where his head can be seen in a box, and in his own minigame, taking place back when he was fixed.


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  • Old Candy is one of only 2 characters in the series not to physically appear in Five Nights at Candy's 2,the other being Reverse Puppet


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