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Whoa hey! Mary aren't you going to say hello? Hello! I'm the Origami cat remember me? I have heard you have been having nightmares lately! That's what I'm here for! How am I here? Well you are dreaming! Well...sort of. This is your old room! Before you moved out! But it looks like you barely remember it! Do you remember the tape player your dad gave you? He gave it to you because you had trouble sleeping almost every night! Find it and then come back to me when you are done! I will be here if you need anything.  

Origami cat

Origami cat is a blue paper folded cat that Mary made with her mum about two years ago. He helps Mary to fight away the RAT and the cat. Although no one knows why he appears as a hallucination in FNaC one, it is possible that the Mary from FNaC one is the same protagonist from FNaC Three. And he has his own ending called the the forgotten ending. Some people believe that once you get the forgotten ending in FNaC Three, You will not get to see Origami cat as an hallucination. Although this has not been considered true yet.

Mary was said to be the protagonist of FNaC one, which would explain why you see Origami cat as an hallucination. And would explain why, You see the RAT. Given the fact that it has to be certain people to see certain hallucinations. And origami Cat was thought to maybe be one of Mary's toys. This has not been confirmed. Origami cat was used in one of the FNaC teasers known as the: "candy and Rat teaser  probably because he looks like an origami version of old candy. Emil said his old name was going to be "Wise cat". Probably because he was said to be Wise.

Origami cat is the same color as Shadow candy  And when shadow candy is brightened he is the same color as origami Cat. Many FNaC fans believe that he IS origami Cat given the fact that when he appears in your window (most common on night three) When blank tries to smash your window, Shadow candy blocks his attack, therefore he is not an enemy, But an protecter. Though many people have not seen this yet, It is still true. Shadow candy to Emil, was said to be a shadow guardian. (don't know who shadow candy is? Check the hallucinations page)!

Forgotten Ending

If you knock over the origami cat on every night in your room, (located right of the closet) you will get a cutscene where the origami cat turns into monster origami cat [No Wiki Yet].


Emil said that if he changes his mind about making an FNaC four, That origami Cat and shadow candy will be the main characters of the game. Are you excited about FNaC four? Please type in the comments: This Face for yes: :D Add this Face for no: :C And type this Face for other options: :/ Please check out the other pages in this wiki if you want to find out more about this game! And please do not curse in the comments section, If you are new, then check this page: Wiki Rules. So that you know what the rules for this wiki are! And for and if you have any questions, then please feel free to ask me!

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Origami cat hallucination


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Shadow Candy

Shadow guardian

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