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RAT is a special animatronic in Five Nights at Candy's, as he is only active on Night 5 and beyond (if selected on the custom night).


RAT is a faded brown animatronic, with brownish rotten teeth. Most of his left ear is missing, exposing wires. It seems that he is eyeless when attacking the player. RAT's animatronic suit also seems withered, with rips covering his body and his endoskeleton clearly visible. His body structure has a similar look as Old Candy.


There is very little known about RAT in comparison to the other animatronics, this is because he's only active on Night 5 and 6, (and if selected, the Custom Night) and has relatively few appearances in the plot. RAT starts in a storage room in the back of Cam09, behind Chester's stage, but the Storage Room doesn't have a camera to look inside and does not appear on the floor plan, thus it is unknown what the Storage Room is used for. Once approaching the Office, RAT goes to the right & left door of which he can also disable to the door's power. The strangest thing about this animatronic is that his face doesn't show on the custom night screen, and his name is blinking.

Movement pattern 1.Cam 09 Cam 08 Cam 07 Cam 06 2.Cam 09 Cam 05 Cam 02 Cam 03 Cam 04


  • As seen in Night 6 cutscene, Old Candy, and Blank were made around 1964, when Candy, Cindy and The Puppet were believed to be made around 1987, while RAT appears withered. This may suggest that RAT is even older than the other characters.
  • In the cutscene following Night 6, when sliding into player's view, RAT has phantom-like eyes. However, when his jumpscare goes photonegative, he has human-like eyes, which becomes clear if un-photonegatived, during other moments he is completely eyeless.
  • He is the only non easter egg character in the game Phone Guy seems to have not mention, at least not directly.
  • RAT can rarely be found on the "Paycheck" screen once the player has finished Night 5. Sometimes replacing Candy, who usually appears.
  • When going to RAT's full body on the Extra menu, the music will stop.
    • Also, if the player waits on RAT's extra menu full body for long enough, RAT will "walk" towards the screen and begin to twitch his head while making a hissing noise.
  • Rat was believed to be a springlock suit, as of the 5 fingers, however, Emil confirmed in a twitter post that he is not a springlock suit.
    • Since there are human eyes inside of him, as shown in his jumpscare, the cause for them is unknown.
  • In the FNAC 2 trailer, it says the animatronics were left to ROT, but for a second it changes to RAT. It seems like RAT is the main antagonist.

RAT returns, more commonly known as The Rat, as a secret animatronic in Five Nights at Candy's 2. He, along with The Cat, are active on Night 6 and beyond.


While RAT stays true to his appearance, he still appears to be in a more broken shape than in the first game. He has more holes on his chest, lacks a arm and two leg segments, and appears more shinier, although this could be just the lightning.


RAT, along with The Cat, is only active on Night 6, 7 and 8, while the other animatronics are fully inactive for unknown reasons. He can only attempt to get to the player via the hallway. Similar to The Penguin, RAT's face can cover up an entire camera. If the camera is not switched fast enough or put down, the cameras will be temporarily disabled. This is very similar to The Penguin, except when the screen glitches out, the Windows-based error pop-up will show a bunch of random characters instead of the normal error text. The OK button is still functional so the player can continue after the application for the camera has restarted.


  • In the trailer, when the text says "they were left to ROT", it twitches for a split-second and says "they were left to RAT".

RAT returns as the presumed main antagonist of Five Nights at Candy's 3. Not much is known about him.


RAT appears much more differently than his appearance in the first two games. He is more anthropomorphic, as of the strange fingers, torso, and head. He's undamaged, and appears taller. The nails all around his body make it more like it was completely nailed right on it. He possesses a tail that has two sets of nails for each segment. It should be noted that there is stitches that crosses over his back to the back of his head, as if it was sewed on. There also appears to be an origami version of Candy the Cat under his tail but the reason for this is unknown.


See Monster Rat


  • RAT is the first character to be teased for the game, since he was barely teased in the first two games.


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