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The Rules page is the most important page of this Wiki, as it helps keep this wiki together and safe going.

Wiki Rules:

  • Don't add images that are already added
  • Don't add inappropriate images
  • Don't vandalize pages
  • Don't badge farm
  • Don't Puppeteer, Godmod, Minimod on a Forum RP
  • Don't Sockpuppet AKA Ban Evade
  • Don't edit other Users Profiles without permission of that User

Chat Rules:

  • Users may RP if they wish to
  • No Puppeteering
  • No Godmodding
  • No Minimodding
  • Don't ask for a Rank, you must be trusted to get one
  • No Sexual RP or Gory RP
  • No Attention Seeking
  • No Baiting
  • No Advertisment to Other Wikis (in PM only!!!)

Roleplaying Rules:

  • Ask a Staff member to Upload a certain image of a OC character.
  • You CAN make a page about your OC, but must be located in the Roleplaying section.

Ban Rules:

First ban will be a three day ban, depends on the behaviour, then it will go to a week, then two weeks, then a month, and if the User continues to misbehave after that, it will result in an Infinite Ban.

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