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The Rules page is the most important page of this wiki, as it helps keep this wiki together and safe going.

  1. Wiki Rules:
    1. Don't vandalize pages
    2. Don't post just to gain badges
    3. Don't discriminate each other (No racism, etc.)
    4. Don't puppeteer, godmod, minimod on a forum roleplay
    5. Don't sockpuppet or ban evade
    6. Don't edit other user's profiles without permission of that user
  2. Chat Rules:
    1. Users may roleplay if they wish to
    2. No puppeteering
    3. No godmodding
    4. No minimodding
    5. Don't ask for a rank, you must be trusted to get one
    6. No sexual or gory roleplay
    7. No attention seeking
    8. No baiting
    9. No advertisment to other wikis
      • Only allowed in personal messages or on your userpage
  3. Roleplaying Rules:
    1. Ask a staff member to upload a certain image of an original character.
    2. You CAN make a page about your original character, but must be located in the roleplaying section.
      • Roleplay/[Your_Character's_Name] for example
        • Replace [Your_Character's_Name] with your original character's actual name
  4. Ban Rules:
    1. First ban will be a three day ban, depends on the behaviour, then it will go to a week, then two weeks, then a month, and if the user continues to misbehave after that, it will result in an Infinite Ban.
  5. Media Rules:
    1. Don't add inappropriate images/videos
    2. Don't add images/videos that are already added
    3. Any content, that isn't related to Five Nights at Candy's may only be posted over at your userpages, blogs or in the comments, but not on the articles themselves
    4. Don't add any offensive images/videos towards any users.