Scribble Netty is an easter egg in Five Nights at Candy's 2.


Scribble Netty is a female feline animatronic who has brown hair and eyebrows with lines the appears to be small railings and green eyes. She also has a wide grin with green lipstick and red heart-shaped cheeks. She seems to be wearing a yellow blazer jacket with a green bowtie as well as a yellow tophat with a green ribbon around it. She also has a cane with a green orb on top with a heart in the center.


A Scribble Netty sketch will appear in Cam 014 and if clicked the camera would reconnect and she will appear for a few seconds laughing then the camera would reconnect once again and she would disappear. She can only be summoned if there's no other animatronics in the room.


  • Emil "Ace" Macko teased Scribble Netty in his Twitter account.
  • Scribble Netty has 5 fingers, just like the RAT and The Cat.