Were you looking for his counterparts RAT or Monster Rat?

Shadow Rat is an minor antagonist appearing in Five Nights at Candy's 3. He is a shadow-version of Monster Rat. He appears in the Deepscape and in the Shadow Challenge.


Shadow Rat's appearance is similar to that of the RAT from FNAC 2. He has hollow eyes and jagged teeth. Much like the RAT from FNAC 2, Shadow Rat's forehead is stitched together. The sprite of Shadow Rat looks more similar to that of Monster RAT, seeing as how you can see his eyes when he is facing south.

Shadow Rat also has another form only seen in the "Shadow Challenge." The Shadow Challenge only includes Shadow Rat, a purple, shadowy form of the original Monster RAT. He has no pupils, and is much more menacing than the Monster RAT, with a pose more elegant and pronounced than the Monster RAT's hunched over, beastly nature.


Shadow Challenge

Shadow RAT's behaviour is similar to Monster Rat's but more aggressive and more twitchy just like Monster Vinnie's behaviour.


When entering the Deepscape, shadow RATs will be patrolling around (or just sitting around in) various locations off the path. When straying off the path, the RATs will be your main obstacle. If you merely walk, then the RATs will not notice you and will continue their routine, making the only threat accidentally stumbling into one. If you sprint, the RATs will immediately zero in on your location and chase you down until you step back onto the path.


  • Not much is known about this mysterious creature.
  • Shadow RAT is one of the 2 FNaC 3 monsters to not appear in a trailer, demo or teaser, the other being Lollipop.
  • Shadow RAT won't exactly be able to kill you in the Deepscape if you walk and not run but you can still accidentally hit him.
  • Although Shadow Rat has no eyes, in the jumpscare it has phantom eyes, similar to the Phantom Animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's 3.
  • Shadow Rat's animations in the bedroom is the same as the ones of Monster Rat.

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