aka Dialah Mouse

  • I live in Candy's Burgers and Fries!!!!!!
  • I was born on May 2
  • My occupation is I want to learn everything I can about FNAF and everything else in the world
  • I am Female
  • CandyCatAndCindyCat

    Dialah Mouse's POV: I opened my eyes and looked around. Not knowing where I was, but curiosity taking control, I stood up and looked at the door. I ran into it just as it opened. I crashed to the ground. "Ohmygosh are you okay?" A male voice spoke. I grunted in response. I was then lifted up and placed on my feet by a blue cat. "I'm Candy! And I was gonna go get some soap from the closet you were in! Haven't seen you before here at Candy's, are you a new animatronic?" Spoke Candy. Animatronic? I'm a human! I shrugged. "My last memory was being a human." I said in response. "She was shut down, so her memory faded. She doesn't remember this place, or us." Said a different voice. I turned, and there stood a tall, sad puppet. It's cheeks were …

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