Dialah Mouse's POV:

I opened my eyes and looked around. Not knowing where I was, but curiosity taking control, I stood up and looked at the door. I ran into it just as it opened. I crashed to the ground. "Ohmygosh are you okay?" A male voice spoke. I grunted in response. I was then lifted up and placed on my feet by a blue cat. "I'm Candy! And I was gonna go get some soap from the closet you were in! Haven't seen you before here at Candy's, are you a new animatronic?" Spoke Candy. Animatronic? I'm a human! I shrugged. "My last memory was being a human." I said in response. "She was shut down, so her memory faded. She doesn't remember this place, or us." Said a different voice. I turned, and there stood a tall, sad puppet. It's cheeks were blue, it had silver pupils, and it was frowning. "Who are you?" I asked. "I'm Reverse Puppet. I brought you to life just like Candy and Cindy." Said he. "DID SOMEONE SAY MY NAME???????" A purple cat sprinted into the room. "Yes." Reverse Puppet stared at the energetic cat as she ran into the wall. She regained her senses and walked over to me. Poking my nose (it made a boop noise), she said, "Who in the name in sugar sprinkles are you?" "I'm Dialah Mouse." I said, shaking. "Okie dokie! I'm Cindy Cat! Nice tah meetcha!" She ran off again. Seeing that Candy and Reverse Puppet had left, I wandered around. "WHO THE HECK IS THAT?" I heard a scream from an office. Shrugging, I opened a door to see a brown animatronic slumped against the wall. It looked up and stared at me. Creeped out, I started to close the door. "Wait! Please don't walk away!" The animatronic called. I followed his plea, and opened the door. "I'm Blank." Blank introduced. "I'm Dialah. Dialah Mouse." I responded. He nodded and returned to his starting position.

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