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    Fan animatronic

    September 28, 2015 by Official Candy The Cat

    Ok i got fan animatronics (2 of them) but i cant find a good app on the app store to edit images. Anyway theese are it.

    Its a golden candy, it has no eyes, a black tie, and thats it.

    It just appers randomly in the office on the left side, in the same pose as Golden Freddy, and has the same behaviour as Golden freddy.

    Also i forgot to include he has the same stomach thing as Golden Old Candy.

    Ok, Golden Old Candy is Old Candy but golden. He has no eyes, and oval thing (idk what that is) is white.

    He appears randomly in the right side of the office, standing up and has the same behaviour as Shadow Bonnie.

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  • Official Candy The Cat

    Q: who is your favorite charecter?

    A: Candy the Cat, of course!

    Q: UR AGE

    A: NO!

    Q: Whats your favorite movie?

    A: Inside Out.

    Q: Favorite video game?

    A: Undertale

    Q: Favorite show?

    A: Gravity Falls.

    Q: why are you from Peppa pig?


    Done until I can think of more stuffs.

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