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  • RandomOwl11899

    To clear things up

    October 3, 2016 by RandomOwl11899

    Ok some kid is saying there is going to be FNaC: Sister Location but I remember a twitter post Emil posted a while ago.

    Mr Macko did make a Funtime Candy and might make a Funtime Cindy according to this reddit post, but these are made for fun not for an actual game.

    and when he says the FNaC3 Demo is going to be released before SL he meant FNaF

    I hope I manage to clear thing up and I know this blog will get a lot of hate but meh ╰(*´︶`*)╯.

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  • RandomOwl11899

    I'm back revamped and slightly ready to edit again after more than a month but I would be editing that much still.

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  • RandomOwl11899


    April 6, 2016 by RandomOwl11899

    Hi, I'm Random11899 most of you guys probably won't know me but I've been editing this wiki for at least a month now so I have that going. I want people to know I'm taking a short break because of School and my Dog died yesterday who I saw as my best friend and sister so yeah I need time.

    I will be back before or during FNaC 3. I won't go back on my word

    I will always comeback, I always do.

    Happy editing Random11899

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  • RandomOwl11899

    I found these on Emil "Ace" Macko’s indiedb page


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  • RandomOwl11899

    Fnac 3

    March 3, 2016 by RandomOwl11899

    By now we all Fnac 3 is confirmed but what we don't know is what is the main story, location and release date is?

    If any one has any ideas comment on the blog.

    Don't be rude please

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