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Epic read/write and study song by Bingham.

Alright. Here's a REALLY LONG theory that is most likely INCORRECT. So does anyone notice the shadow we see on that Night 5 paycheck Mary recieves? Well, earlier this morning I saw the cutscenes of FNAC. There was a comment from some guy with 3 ideas. I'll quote 'em here. (HIGHLIGHT)

How has no one noticed this yet? both paychecks has an reflection of an animatronic so A. You were an animatronic the whole time. B. (most likely one) in the end you were stuffed in one of the suits. The first paycheck also said you're one of us now while showing a reflection of the rat (who is the only suit with a person stuffed inside. C.youre gonna die. git gud. 

I have something similar (HIGHLIGHT AGAIN.)

Is the place being run by animatronics? Because if you applied that logic to the OTHER human you hear in the game (I haven't played yet but I look on the wiki a lot) which is Candy's Phone Guy. I agree with B (comment down below) , because one of the cutscenes, the RAT is moving. And on Mary's first paycheck, there is a reflection of the RAT. So basically this logic of Phone Guy (in this game) and YOU (Mary Schmidt) being an animatronic all along would sort of work bit well.

It would make most sense.

Wolftron666 (talk) 22:55, December 13, 2015 (UTC)


(P.S. Am I the only one who thinks the cutscene static when loading says lemon?)

(P.P.S. Soon to be on my main blog.)