• FNaC wiki has rules that you must follow whether you are an editor or some random person who wandered here, You must follow these rules at all COST! If you don't you will be kicked of this site. Please follow these rules to make the wiki better for everyone!. Rule number one: No cursing! Number Two: Don't make innapproite 
  • Pages in this wiki. Number three: please don't accuse people for making something bad! We all work hard
  • To make this wiki better! Number four: if you want to use a photo, ask someone's permission if it was already
  • Used. Number five: This is serious so don't type something something bad in the comments or you will 
  • Be kicked out of fandom for three days. Number six: Do not hack into somebody's account! 
  • Number seven: Do not make an Sexual username or you will be kicked of for Five days. Number eight:
  • This rules page must not be deleted at all COST. It is here for a big reason. And do not edit. Number nine:
  • Do not tell anyone personal information that can reveal your identity. You will not be kicked of if you do,
  • But, That doesn't mean you should not follow this rule. Even if you think no one will come after you, they
  • Will trust me. Number ten: Please do not think that you won't get caught doing something wrong! If you do
  • Something on accident that is no excuse! These rules may not be fair, But just follow them and you won't get
  • Kicked of this site! Number twelve: All photos you put on this wiki must be appropriate, and must not have 
  • Naked people or Sexual stuff. You will be kicked of this site for good if you are caught doing this! So take 
  • Caution! Number thirteen: Tell one of us if someone is doing something bad! Even if they are someone you 
  • Know. Or someone you care about! Number fourteen: There are little kids on this site, so don't make  stuff
  • Like violent threats! Even if it is just a joke, it could be taking seriously! And don't take photos of violent 
  • Stuff. Such as blood, dead bodies, or gore. Number fifteen: Don't take warnings lightly! You will get one 
  • Warning if you are caught doing something wrong. Do it again, You will be kicked of this site! Number 
  • Sixteen: Do not lie! If you get told on, We will ask you if you did anything wrong! If you like to us, You 
  • Will be kicked of this site for about nine days. When the nineth day passes, we will email you and tell you
  • If you are allowed to come back  to this Wiki. We will need your Email however in order to tell you whether
  • You can come back or not. Number seventeen: Please don't talk back back to anyone this is not a bully 
  • Zone we had five people leave us because they were bullied. Number eighteen: Do not say anything against
  • Emil macko the creator of the FNaC franchise. It hurts me when people accuse him. Because think about it 
  • This way: Without him, We would not have a FNaC wiki. Number: Nineteen: Do not deliberately tell on people 
  • For no reason. People are really sensitive, so don't try to purposely make them cry! And last but definitely not
  • Least, Number twenty: HAVE FUN! We hate to kick people off we really do! We try very hard to make this 
  • Wiki a fun place. So please just have fun! And sorry if these rules might not be fair! Just follow them, And you
  • Won't get in trouble! For any questions, please feel free to ask me! My user is: Emoji diva! And in the meantime
  • Please have fun!
    Th (31)

    Thank you for taking the time reading this!

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